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ShepWave TWO IMPORTANT Updates for Thursday Published. GAP/ISLAND PATTERNS in Critical Indexes, DAY TWO.
Posted: 8/8/2018 23:03 EST

1:11 PM ET USA. Intra Day Update for Thursday. GAP/ISLAND PATTERN, DAY THREE!

ShepWave traders over the years have watched the unfolding of may gap patterns.  Some of these have proven to be profitable ISLAND REVERSAL Patterns in which we made profitable bearish short term  moves.  Remember the Nasdaq saw this type of pattern in January/February of 2018 and again in March of 2018 to give us sudden bearish moves leading to a key support level--which provided buying opportunities.

The major U.S. equity indexes have been fitting into the MAJOR TIME-CYCLE TURN DATES (most recently May 3rd and June 28th) providing the support areas *from* the sell offs.

What is happening currently is that the next major TIME-CYCLE TURN DATE (coming in a few weeks) will likely see a sudden change in trend--either in direction or in degree.

Stay Focused.

Log In at for today's Intra Day Notes regarding the potential GAP/ISLAND Patterns we are now seeing in some of the major U.S. equity indexes and their corresponding ETFs.


Two IMPORTANT ShepWave Updates for Thursday have been published.

The technical patterns we have been seeing in the major U.S. equity indexes have given rise to sudden sharp moves. 

Read through the notes carefully regarding upcoming signals in the major U.S. equity indexes.  LONGER TERM Traders and Investors will want to be watching closely.

In the Regular ShepWave Update for Thursday you will find the daily time frame analysis for the Dow Industrials, Dow Transportation, S&P 500, NDX, and Russell 2000 indexes, as well as daily time frame analysis for Gold, WTI-Crude Oil and the VIX.


WTI Crude Oil Traders be on alert. The aggressive SELL SIGNAL mentioned three weeks ago has played out nicely--be ready to monitor position closely.

GOLD traders--nothing new here.  Use same guidelines as we have been showing. But be ready for a change.

VIX traders--YOU ARE ON DECK!  Be ready.

Log In at for the Regular ShepWave Update for Thursday.  Also--the Pre-market / Intra Day ShepWave Update has been published.




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