Elliott Wave Theory stock market technical analysis. Major U.S. Indexes.
Specializing in QQQQ and the DIA analysis and trading. QQQQ and DIA Options trading.

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Shepwave Elliott Wave Theory Tutorial

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Technical analysis covering the
Dow Industrials, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Indexes

Shepwave identifies buy and sell signals for indexes and ETFs. See the Shepwave Trading Log below to view our very profitable year.


$119 One Year ShepWave Subscription Special.

ShepWave $119 One Year Subscription special for our valued customers will end soon. Thanks to all of our regular customers of over 13 years. This special offer is being extended to any new subscribers as well, for a short time only. [To current up-to-date subscribers, the one year will automatically be added to your expiration date.]

13 year anniversary

ShepWave.com uses Elliott Wave Theory as our primary trading discipline. We also use proprietary technical tools to confirm Elliott Wave Theory Analysis. This gives us an added advantage over other analysis and stock picking sites and provides us with a very effective trading discipline.

Short, Mid and Long term Trading Analysis with Trade Entry Signals, Strategies, and Targets.

  • Regular Scheduled Updates Published by Market open on Monday and Thursday.
  •  Pre- Market and Intra Day Updates for QQQ, DOW,S&P 500 (SPY) and selected individual stocks most every day.
  • Our purpose is to not only show potential trade set ups and the management of those trades but to TEACH objective disciplined methods of trading for any time frame.
  • Market Trend Trading.
  • Trading Options.
  • MarketTiming
  • Trading Stock Options.
  • Analysis on such commodities as Crude Oil (WTI), Gold, and Silver. There has been a lot of money to be made in commidities recently and ShepWave believes this to remain the case.
  • Dow Industrials, S&P 500, Nasdaq Indexes, QQQ, DIA and Selected Stocks Analysis
  • Email Notification of reports and trades if desired

    Shepwave.com specializes in trading  QQQ,DIA as well as QQQ options and DIA options. We give QQQ analysis and DIA analysis in our Trade Diary Updates. The QQQ and DIA are ETFs for the Nasdaq 100 and Dow Industrials indexes. We give analysis  for the Nasdaq 100 index as well as the QQQ. We trade the QQQ. ShepWave gives analysis for the Dow Industrials index.  We trade the DIA ETF for the index. ShepWave gives trading  analysis for the S&P 500 index.  We do not trade the index but give analysis for those that do.  ShepWave.com also trades Options for the QQQ and DIA ETFs.  We show exact option entry, side we are on and strike price as well as expiration month of the option contracts we purchase.

    In our updates you will find the Market trends we are trading.  ShepWave gives targets for positions and areas to be used as stop/loss. QQQ Trends, DIA Trends, Stock Trends, Why pay $thousands for a trend trading course.  ShepWave provides guidance to the short, mid and longer term trends of the stock market.

    In our updates you will see an explanation of market action and probable future direction. We do updates usually several times a week. Our main newsletters come out by Monday morning and Thursday morning every week. Check the site frequently if you are not on mailing list.  We usually do at least one Trade Diary update a week. We will show the technical reasons behind every trade, entry and exit. 

    Also, we show the trades we make in our Trade diary.  Options trades can be found here as well.  We show trade entry set up, stop/loss areas, and target areas.

    ShepWave.com is an educational site. We have created this site to help give guidance to the major U.S. indices. The markets seem unpredictable to many people; we try to give clarity to what seems to be random movements in the markets.  Why pay $thousands for a trend trading course.  We are a live trend trading course with the current market action.  Many of our traders trade individual stocks that 'track' the major indexes.  Many of these stocks have a higher beta than the index therefore making a larger percentage move. 

    [Video] How to Easily Identify High-Confidence Trade Setups

    By Elliott Wave International

    Elliott Wave International's technical analysis expert, Jeffrey Kennedy, shows you the first step in identifying a high-confidence trade setup in this 4-minute video clip. It's taken from a live lesson he taught on April 9, 2014. If you would like to learn more, sign up for Jeffrey's free 45-minute webinar, "4 Critical Elements of High-Confidence Trading," on this Tuesday, May 6, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time.

    "4 Critical Elements of High-Confidence Trading"
    Free webinar with Elliott Wave International's technical analysis expert, Jeffrey Kennedy

    During this free 45-minute presentation, you will learn how to find high-confidence trading and investing setups, using Elliott wave analysis and simple technical tools and indicators. You will see many charts of popular markets, so that you can become more comfortable applying these tools to your favorite market.

    Register now for this FREE webinar on Tuesday, May 6, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time >>

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