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ShepWave IMPORTANT Updates for Monday Publised. TIME--CYCLE TURN DATE! BE READY!
by ShepWave.com
Posted: 12/1/2017 21:57 EST


Markets continue to behave in predictable patterns. 

IMPORTANT: Notice I am not reading-in or presuming any outcome based on supposed NEWS ITEMS.  The analysis and technicals have been working out to show what to expect.

Remember--on any given day we can find an equal number of reasons as to why the markets would rally and/or why the markets would sell off. Using the market technicals as ShepWave sets forth is more stable and as you have seen--more on track than trying to guess market reaction to some news item.

STAY FOCUSED. NEW PATTERNS ALSO CURRENTLY EMERGING which will affect the trading at least for the rest of this week.

Log In at www.shepwave.com for Today's Intra Day ShepWave Update.

Read the notes in the Second Update for Monday--the Regular Update showing the daily time frame charts.  Read the note regarding my 'going out on a limb' concerning the TIME-CYCLE TURN DATE.


It is basically almost laughable at the predictability of the major U.S. equity indexes.


Please--read the pre-market notes carefully for Monday.  Could be tricky for some of you.

Log In at www.shepwave.com for ALL THREE ShepWave Updates for Monday.

ShepWave Regular Update for Monday: Equity Index, Crude Oil, Gold, and VIX analysis. DAILY CHART ANALYSIS---has been published.

The markets remain predictable for those of us who are following closely the analysis and patterns as being defined by ShepWave analysis.  STAY OBJECTIVE!

Some big changes are coming! Be Ready!  

REMEMBER we have a potential TIME-CYCLE TURN DATE coming!


Proper Technical Analysis is a Science, an Art, and a Discipline:

It is a SCIENCE in that we identify and analyze key technical occurrences and correlations. These lead to patterns which can be used to identify probable future directional movements.

It is an ART because there are times when the strict definitions and observations have variable outcomes. The efficient market analyst has the history and experience to put together all of the contextual observations--which go beyond the bounds of the immediate contextual evidence--to find the most probable future pattern. Note most analysts do not actually provide future probability in the same way ShepWave does.

It is a DISCIPLINE in that we have guidelines to use to minimize any possibility of the market(s) going against our prescribed direction. This is also one of the aspects that most analysts do not designate clearly. This can make the difference between a consistently profitable trader/investor or one who loses consistently.


Log In at www.shepwave.com for ShepWave Updates for Monday.  TWO have been published so far. There will be a total of THREE Updates for Monday.



The Special ShepWave Update for Monday has been published. This update shows the weekly time frame analysis for the major U.S. equity indexes as well as for Crude Oil and for Gold.

A lot of people have been trying to call the top in the major U.S. equity indexes for years now--only to fail attempt after attempt. Please read the notes in this update carefully. Remember, any bullish (or bearish)  implications we are seeing on the weekly time frame for equities need to be kept in context when considering shorter term trades.

Also, the weekly time frame serves as a reference point of context for those short term more aggressive traders.  


Possible TIME-CYCLE TURN DATE coming up.

BE READY!  Some things could be shaken quickly.  Read the new notes--in--red in the equity index charts.  But, note that this possible turn date will likely affect Oil and Gold as well.

We hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Log In at www.shepwave.com for Monday's ShepWave Updates.

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14th Anniversary Special. This will end in a few days.

ShepWave $159 One Year Subscription special for our valued customers will end soon. Thanks to all of our regular customers of 14 years. This special offer is being extended to any new subscribers as well, for a short time only. [To current up-to-date subscribers, the one year will automatically be added to your expiration date.]

14 Year Anniversary

Reference: Shepwave.com is a technical analysis site for the Major U.S. stock indexes. We use Elliott Wave theory along with our proprietary indicators to give analysis for the Dow Industrials, Nadaq 100 and S&P 500 indexes. We specialize in trading the QQQQ and DIA.

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