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ShepWave IMPORTANT Updates for Monday.
Posted: 9/8/2017 23:06 EST

The Third and final update for Monday has been published.

There is an AGGRESSIVE SHORT TERM TRADE ENTRY suggestion in this Pre-Market / Intra Day ShepWave Update for Monday.

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Second ShepWave Update for Monday Published.

In this update, The Regular ShepWave Update for Monday, you will find the daily time frame charts and analysis for the major U.S. equity indexes as well as Crude Oil, Gold, and the VIX.

Please read the notes carefully. This coming week is going to be important.

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After decades of market analysis it still amazes me,  the number of people who think they can time the markets based on the factual economic data.

The equity markets remain predictable; as do the markets for Crude Oil and Gold.  The key is not to overstep the boundaries of what the technical analysis and signals are giving.

The aggressive BUY call we gave in July for Gold has worked out well. See basically the same thing back in December 2016. Will GOLD rally?  What are our targets?

Bottom line is that if we think that the economic data (so-called) has a direct--and--immediate correlation on the markets  then we have allowed the media sources to trick us beyond any level of common sense. If financial and economic indicators were a direct influence on the equity markets, commodity markets (including Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil), then I would be out of a job;  AND we would have seen a stock market crash back in 2010 if not many times since.

So, once again. I urge you to read the analysis given in this update. It contains the weekly time frame charting analysis for the major U.S. equity indexes, Crude Oil, and GOLD--It shows the general context with which those of us who trade the short term or short-to-mid term (swing traders) trend can evaluate our specific signals.  Also the weekly time frame analysis can keep long term traders and investors  from making bad decisions.  Assume that you exited your investment portfolio when the Dow Industrials crashed to below the 6,500 area back in 2009?. A lot of long term investors did that very thing.

Once again, our prayers go out to the many in the southern areas of the United States affected by Hurricane Harvey, and Irma.  I have had contact from many of you.  Thank you!  We will continue to pray for you.

We are coming into a very busy season and we are already at our limits with regards to the number of ShepWave subscribers: so, in the near future new subscribers will likely be cut off entirely. In the meantime I will be raising rates quickly.

Log In at for this Special Update for Monday showing the weekly time frame charts and analysis for the major U.S. equity indexes, Crude Oil, and Gold. There will be a total of two updates for Monday; and then the Pre-Market / Intra Day Update for Tuesday will be published later Monday evening. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

As a note of caution: There are a lot of analysts who try to predict wave counts. Please be careful of doing that. It is good to understand the dynamics and underlying principles of Elliott Wave Theory but in the labeling of wave patterns, remember that no pattern or wave count is official until the next wave series begins. So many otherwise really good analysts seem not to understand this simple concept with regards to Elliott Wave Theory.

Proper Technical Analysis is a Science, an Art, and a Discipline:

It is a SCIENCE in that we identify and analyze key technical occurrences and correlations. These lead to patterns which can be used to identify probable future directional movements.

It is an ART because there are times when the strict definitions and observations have variable outcomes. The efficient market analyst has the history and experience to put together all of the contextual observations--which go beyond the bounds of the immediate contextual evidence--to find the most probable future pattern. Note most analysts do not actually provide future probability in the same way ShepWave does.

It is a DISCIPLINE in that we have guidelines to use to minimize any possibility of the market(s) going against our prescribed direction. This is also one of the aspects that most analysts do not designate clearly. This can make the difference between a consistently profitable trader/investor or one who loses consistently.

Due to the technicals and the fact that ShepWave is at our preferred maximum number of subscribers to maintain our personal service--we will begin raising prices for new subscribers.


$129 One Year ShepWave Subscription Special.
14th Anniversary Special. This

ShepWave $129 One Year Subscription special for our valued customers will end soon. Thanks to all of our regular customers of 14 years. This special offer is being extended to any new subscribers as well, for a short time only. [To current up-to-date subscribers, the one year will automatically be added to your expiration date.]

14 Year Anniversary



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